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Timothy A. Reisinger, P.A.

Personal and Business Legal Services
for Central Delaware

Areas of Practice:
  • Real Estate (All Aspects)
  • Landlord-Tenant Law  --  Evictions
  • Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Estates & Estate Planning
  • Miller Trusts
  • Business Law & Contracts
  • Sales of Businesses
  • General Legal Advice
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1325 South State Street, Suite 102
Dover Delaware 19901

Phone: (302) 678-5885
Fax:   (302) 678- 5887

Bio:  Timothy A. Reisinger has been practicing law in Delaware for over 20 years and is currently a solo practitioner in Dover. He earned a B.A. in philosophy and political science at Susquehanna University and a J.D. degree from the Dickinson School of Law. He was admitted to the Delaware bar in December 1992. Mr. Reisinger has been in solo practice since 1998.

Mr. Reisinger sees his calling as an attorney as being primarily that of  helping people. His practice has been general in nature and remains so. His current practice is described in the list above and in more detail below.  Clients are given not only legal advice, but also practical advice, and sometimes even moral and ethical advice.  His past experience includes other matters that are not listed, including personal injury, criminal, family law and bankruptcy matters which give him a broad perspective when advising clients with an issue that relates to multiple areas of the law.

Real Estate:    All aspects including, but not limited to, residential and commercial real estate settlements (or "closings"), refinances of mortgages, deed preparation, title problems, and boundary line disputes, and more.

Landlord-Tenant Law:   Representing primarily landlords, but will occassionally represent tenants as well. All aspects of landlord-tenant law:  Evictions, preparation of leases, dealing with lease breaches, non-payment of rent, and mobile home parks.

Estate Planning:  Including wills, powers of attorney, living wills.

Estates:  Repesentation and assistance in the probate, administration and settlement of estates.

Miller Trusts:  Miller Trusts are specialized trusts created to qualify those who are seeking medicaid coverage for nursing home care.

Business Law and Contracts:   Includes corporation and limited liability company creation and maintenance, debt collection, drafting and review of contracts, and contract disputes.

Sales of Businesses:   Includes preparation, negotiation and review of contracts for the sale of businesses as well as the holding of settlement (or closing).

General Legal Advice:  As stated above, Mr. Reisinger's broad experience in multiple areas of the law allows him to have a similarly broad perspective when advising clients with a legal problem that relates to multiple areas of the law.  He acts similar to your primary care doctor. You go to your primary doctor to assess your health issue. Often, your doctor can address your needs and treat you and sometimes he or she will refer you to a specialist. Simularly, Mr. Reisinger will assess your legal situation and either provide advice and representation or will know what kind of specialized attorney you may need and make any needed referrals. Even if a referral needs to be made, he will usually be able to give you a general understanding of the issues involved in your situation and why a specialist is needed.

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Below:  looking east from South State Street with
Puncheon Run Connector overpass on the left.
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